Data Protection Regulations

Status as of May 2018


This data protection guideline is to inform you about the processing of personal data in our company. We hereby comply with our legal obligations, in particular from the Telemedia Act (TMG) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR, EU 2016/679), especially Articles 13 and 14 and Article 26 – Paragraph 2.

Please read this privacy policy carefully and make sure you understand it. If you have further questions, or do not understand something, please contact us.

Protecting your privacy is a very high priority for Semtation GmbH and protecting your personal data is very important to us.

These data protection guidelines describe the handling of our data that may directly or indirectly be related to a natural person (personal data) and/or the hardware and software used.

This document also explains how we use cookies and analysis tools on all of our websites as well as in our products and services.

We comply with the applicable data protection laws and this data protection guideline at all times. We only pass on data in the cases listed in these provisions.

How can you contact us?

Our contact information can be found here.

What personal data do we process?

When you download and use the trial version of the SemTalk Editor, or visit our website, we process different data. Some of this data may be personal.

Examples include the following information:

Information when visiting our website:

When you visit our website, we may process information about which domain you are using to access the site, information about your browser and your usage behavior on our site in the current session.

Registration information:

Registration is required to download the SemTalk Editor. We collect personal data during the setup of your account, for example your name and your e-mail address, possibly supplemented by the telephone number and your address data. By downloading the SemTalk Editor, you give us permission to contact you using the address data you have provided and to provide you with information about our events and new products, for example. You can object to this permission here.

Support requests:

If you contact us ( e.g. to place a support request), we save your contact details. In more complicated cases, we may ask you to be able to access your system together with you via a conference app (e.g. Microsoft Teams) to find out the cause of your problem.

Product usage information:

When using our products, we do not collect or process any personal data. In some cases, there is a possibility that you will consciously send us files for review. If this contains personal data, its processing is based on the provisions of this directive.

Location information:

We do not access your location data.

Why and on what legal basis do we store personal data?

Processing Purposes:

We process your data, regardless of whether they can be directly or indirectly assigned to a natural person, for the following purposes:

  • To enable you to test SemTalk,
  • For administrative purposes, and to
  • Inform you about events and innovations related to our products.

Contract initiation and fulfillment:

In principle, we only save personal data that we need to fulfill our contractual obligations to you (Art 6 I b) DSVGO) or that information you have given to us as part of our communication (e.g. by sending an email with your contact details).


Your consent is required for certain data processing. In these constellations, we will inform you of this fact separately and offer you to be able to allow us to process it.

In these cases, we will give you the purpose of the data processing and inform you about your right of withdrawal.

Legitimate interest:

It is also possible to process data based on our legitimate interest. We are obliged to disclose our interest to you and to weigh up your interests against ours. This is the case in the following processes:

If we classify you as interested in SemTalk or if you become our customer, we save your contact details online in Microsoft SharePoint (in the Microsoft Cloud, hosted in Ireland). We use your data to maintain our sales process or to carry out our administrative processes related to our customer relationship.

Storage duration and deletion periods:

We only save the personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill the necessary purpose. The storage period depends on the legal requirements and the duration of the contractual relationship.

If the data is no longer used, it will be anonymized and / or deleted within the framework of the legal regulations.

If you wish your data to be deleted, we will delete all of your data. If you want to continue to be our customer, we will provide your contact details (name, company, email address, telephone number and postal address, type and number of products purchased, scope of maintenance contracts) and information on the topics we have communicated about (e.g. emails that you sent us) continue to be in our systems.

Please also note that once the deletion order has been confirmed, there is no way to restore your data.

How do we use cookies, analysis and tracking tools, and social media signups?

We do not use cookies or social media registrations. Our websites are hosted by Strato AG in Berlin, Germany. There, analyzes of data regarding the use of our websites is created, which are based on the click behavior of the users. In this context, we do not process any personal data, but only access aggregated data on user behavior, from which conclusions can only be drawn about the individual user in exceptional cases.

We do not use any other analysis tools.

Social media application:

We do not use social media registrations.

Why and with whom do we share personal data?

Your personal data will not be transmitted to third parties for reasons other than those listed below.

We only share your personal information with third parties if:

  • You have given us your express consent for this,
  • This is legally permissible and is necessary for the processing of our contractual relationships with you (e.g. if you purchase Microsoft products through us) or
  • The transfer of the data is based on a legal obligation.

We pass on personal data to the following recipients or categories of recipients for the aforementioned reasons:

  • Employees (internal and external)
  • IT Infrastructure Service
  • Payment Processor
  • Providers of Analysis Tools
  • Public Bodies

How do we work together with partners to support you?

For the provision of services, we work with selected products and services with partners (e.g. Microsoft) in such a way that the GDPR is a shared responsibility (Art. 26 GDPR). Together with these companies we have defined the purpose and means of processing. Personal data is also forwarded. In the sense of the GDPR, both companies are then responsible for this processing or the legally correct handling of your data.

What do we use international partners for?

We use a worldwide network of IT infrastructure to provide our services, e.g. computers, cloud-based servers, networks and software solutions from international companies.

These partners are located in different countries, some of them outside the European Union. The same level of data protection is not always legally prescribed and established in these countries as in the European Union. We have therefore taken a number of measures in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR to ensure the highest possible protection of your personal data. These are:

  • Cooperation with companies in a country recognized by an adequacy decision of the European Union,
  • Cooperation with companies according to the EU-US Privacy Shield,
  • Cooperation with companies based on the EU standard contractual clauses, and
  • Cooperation with companies based on agreed guarantees

We guarantee that our partners will comply with the legal requirements and conditions.

In addition, there is the possibility of transferring your personal data to third countries based on your express consent.

How can you withdraw your consent?

If you have given us your consent to certain data processing, e.g. if you receive a newsletter), you have the right to revoke this consent at any time, including removong consent in part. You can contact us directly.

What are your rights?

Subject to possible legal restrictions, you have the following rights with regard to your personal data:

  • Right to Information,
  • Correction,
  • Deletion,
  • Restriction of Processing,
  • Data Portability and
  • Objection.

At this point, we expressly point out that, in accordance with the legal requirements, we carry out a corresponding identification of the requesting person for inquiries and reserve the right to take further measures to clearly verify the identification of the requesting party.

Anonymous users of our products and services:

If you use our products and services anonymously, (e.g. without having registered using your e-mail address), we are unable to provide the required and legally required identification as part of your legal request. Therefore, according to Article 11 Paragraph 2 GDPR, we refuse to fulfill the claims of the data subject pursuant to Art. 12 to 22 GDPR, unless the data subject provides additional information to exercise his rights set out in the aforementioned articles, which enables him to be identified enable.

Right to Information:

If you want information about the personal data we have stored, we offer you this function. Here you can get an overview of the so-called master data stored by us, such as name, email address and address.

The so-called activity data will be provided by email on request. Depending on the scope of the activity data, this provision can take some time.

Right to Rectification:

Here you can get an overview of the so-called master data stored by us, such as B. Request name, email address and address. If you find that this information is incorrect, please contact us in writing (e.g. email).

Right to Cancellation:

If you wish your data to be deleted, you can request this action here. We will delete your data in accordance with the legal requirements.

At this point, we would like to point out that we are obliged by law to store certain data for a longer period of time (e.g. the retention periods for accounting documents are currently 10 years as per the tax code).

Furthermore, we would like to point out that although we block your data immediately, it may take up to 180 days due to technical restrictions until we have finally deleted the data, the deletion of which does not conflict with reasons based on legal obligations and rights.

Please also note that once the deletion order has been confirmed, there is no way to restore your data.

You can continue to use the SemTalk Editor as an anonymous user.

Right to Restriction of Processing:

You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. To do this, please let us know which data categories you consider relevant and the reasons for your request. We will examine the matter immediately and inform you of the result.

Right to Data Portability:

Please let us know in writing (e.g. email) which data you want to transfer to whom. We will immediately review your request and inform you of the result.

Right of Appeal:

If you are unsatisfied with our work on data protection, you have the right to complain to the data protection supervisory authority in your country. For Semtation GmbH is

The State Commissioner for Data Protection and the Right to Inspect Files. The responsible party is:

Dagmar Hartge
Stahnsdorfer Damm 77
14532 Kleinmachnow

Telephone: 033203/356-0

How do we protect personal data?

To protect your personal data, Semtation GmbH has taken measures that correspond to data protection law and the state-of-the-art in the software industry. These are continuously checked and adjusted if necessary. The aim is to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, partial or complete loss, destruction, unauthorized access or against unauthorized access by third parties.

To transfer data between our websites, our applications and our back-end, communication is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method.

We protect the systems and processing with a number of technical and organizational measures. These include a. data encryption, logical and physical access restriction and control, firewalls and recovery systems.

Our employees are regularly trained in the appropriate sensitive handling of personal data and are obliged to comply with data secrecy in accordance with the legal requirements.

What opportunities are there for minors to use our services?

Our products and services may not be commissioned and installed by minors.

What additional information is important?

Public information

Remember that data that you send to a forum such as a public blog, classified as “obviously made public” information is treated accordingly. When you are active in forums, there is a risk that others will find and use the information you submit. Handle your personal data responsibly when in public forums.

Changes to our present data protection requirements

This data protection guideline is revised at irregular intervals in order to adapt it to current developments in the company, our products and services, legal requirements and social developments.

Status of May 22, 2018