Our Services

Our process modeling expertise is based on 20 years of scientific and commercial work in process management. During this time, we have accumulated knowledge in the development and implementation of many different concepts, tools and procedures. We are happy to share this knowledge with you through training, workshops and in our user meetings. In addition, we host a number of Events.

Workshops and training courses are offered on various topics. Customer are invited to attend our annual User Meeting. User Meeting participants present their SemTalk deployment scenarios and exchange their experiences with other attendees. In addition, updates and further SemTalk developments are discussed. Information from our most recent Users Meeting is found on the Events page.

In addition to tool training and a hotline support, we offer workshops to help you independently master your process world. In these workshops you will benefit from our many years of experience in designing and supporting organizational and technical solutions. Our aim is to make these organizational and technical changes as easy and effective as possible so that results are quickly adopted and accepted and the long-term results are sustainable.

Individual workshops are available covering the following topics:

  • Support in the selection of a modeling method, for example: BPMN, EPC or CSA
  • Method specific training for process modeling
  • Method customization for users and partners
  • Coaching, quality assurance and process model review
  • Process modeling, project setup and conducting interviews
  • Support in building a modeling organization
  • Technical support in setting up quality management systems
  • Process simulation training
  • How to build reference models
  • Object-oriented process modeling and multi-language modeling
  • Integration of  existing third-party models into a Microsoft environment
  • Consolidation of existing models from other manufacturers or from Visio
  • How to set-up and implement process portals and their workflows
  • Workflow design and implementation
  • Interfaces to other tools, documents and databases
  • Designing new modeling methods for your specific problem, e.g. RFID or knowledge management
  • Compilation of evaluations that include your specific data sources, such as SAP, or in-house developments
  • Process models as an instrument in the transition to a service-oriented organizational architecture
  • Integration of EAI solutions and web services
  • Integration of process management and project management
  • Creation of ontologies (term systems, knowledge models)
  • Visio-based solutions, e.g. Shape Development
  • Customized workshops specific to your needs

As a customer, you are invited to our annual User Meeting. User Meeting participants can present their application scenarios and exchange experiences with other users. In addition, we provide up-to-date information on the further SemTalk developments and on new “process management” technologies developed by Microsoft.
Our aim is to support our customers so that they can independently master  their process world. In doing so, you benefit from our many years of working with a wide range of organizational, methodological and technical solutions.