Virtual collaboration with Microsoft Teams Web-Cast on July 4th, 2020

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Video of the Web-Cast (German)

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General Questions about Teams”
Q: Previously I only had Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. I now want to use teams. How much does it cost to use Teams?
A:  This depends on your license package. If you use an Office 365 you have the possibility to use Word, Excel etc. online. Teams is included in every Office 365 package. If you have “only” used desktop licenses, you would have to switch to MS Office Cloud licenses.
A desktop variant, running on the laptop, is always linked to the personal MS-account /E-tariff. If you have several accounts, you probably have to use the web variant with restrictions. A “switch” is probably not supported.
You can also use accounts with the Teams Desktop App, but the disadvantage is that you don’t see all Teams in one interface. You will have to switch back and forth and reenter your address in the other Team.
Unfortunately you can’t switch between accounts in the desktop version. This only works by logging out and logging in again. This does work in the Smartphone App. Microsoft would like to bring this into the desktop app as well, but is not released yet.
Here is a link to a desktop client that can integrate several team accounts:
Q:  CanTeams can be connected with other programs such as Gitlab or CI/CD systems?

A:  We are planning to switch from Mattermost to Teams, where you can integrate all systems that can be reached via URL. How far the integration works depends on the available connectors.
We have not done this ourselves yet. But according to GitLab documentation, this is possible.

Q:  Can you recommend further literature on dealing with Teams? Especially for use in educational institutions? 

Questions about Teams Meeting
Q:  Is there way to record the presentation
A:  Yes. While in the Meeting there is a symbol to start and end recording on the top left side but it seems that this button does not exist in the web version.
Unfortunately, the Web App has limited functionality. However, it seems that this button does not exist in the web-version…
Q:  I just got an invitation to MS Teams Space, but it went to my “secondary” email address. Can I edit my own data or change my login email?
A:  I assume you were invited as a guest in a Team? Then you should be invited again with your desired email address. The login is bound to your email.
If necessary, forward the invitation via an integrated rule to use your primary address.
Q:   Where can I add the calendar (which you have shown for meetings)? Unfortunately I cannot find it in apps.
A:  The calendar should be shown in Teams on the left side in 4th position. You can connect it to Outlook, among other things.
Q:  Can I conduct a video conference with several participants at the same time who do not have a license for Microsoft Teams?
A:  Yes, you can, but there are restrictions. For more information on the free Team version, please visit
And yes, this does work for every license variant
Q:  How can you invite external people to a meeting? Just enter the email address?
exactly. For example, you could create a new meeting in your Outlook calendar and invite any e-mail address there. Is the sound quality then better than Skype (keyword singing lessons)
A:  I can’t answer that clearly, as it is of course very network dependent. However, we have had few problems with the sound in our many team meetings and are quite satisfied with the voice transmission.
Teams and project activities
Q:  Is there a Planner Overview that shows all plans from all channels? Or is this only possible per channel?
A:  Planner can also be used outside teams or SharePoint.
Link to Planner:
Q:  Is it possible to create a kind of overview of milestones for the project in Team? So that the project status is seen by all users and everyone knows when it’s their turn to do “their task” because the steps before have already been completed?
A:  Yes, you can do that with the Planner App.
When the project is finished, I want to be able to see the project history including all connections, files, the wiki – everything that Team left behind.