Welcome to SemTalk

SemTalk is an intuitive, professional modeling tool that combines the powerful visualization functionality of Microsoft Visio® with the muscle of a professional, full-featured, modeling tool. SemTalk extends basic Visio and SharePoint® functionality to optimally model and share information about complex organizational issues.

Selected Features

  • Support for multiple notations such as BPMN and EPC.
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Glossary based process modeling
  • Publication in HTML or Silverlight
  • XML-based import and export formats
  • Multilingual models
  • Simulation
  • OWL Editor capabilities
  • Use of Microsoft Visio Data Graphics
  • Interface to SAP Solution Manager

After a brief learning period, modeling requirements are implemented with minimal effort. Model data is reusable, consistent and accessible for review and continuous improvement. SemTalk models and modeling components are accessible via SharePoint keeping key organizationally-specific modeling elements readily available for future modeling projects. This saves both time and money while increasing the quality of individual projects. Integrated models, even when they are comprised of hundreds or even thousands of individual process components, are stored and managed consistently via SharePoint. Changes to individual parts of the process library can be easily propagated to all related models contained within the repository saving time and extending the usefulness of stored information.

Effective Organizational Communication

Modelers from all departments and all levels of sophistication are able to easily create, use and modify enterprise-wide knowledge in the form of easy to understand process models. Thanks to the rich complementary functionality of SemTalk, Visio and SharePoint, SemTalk users can communicate and improve processes as they model. If Microsoft SharePoint is not being used, other similar systems can also be used to share process data.


SemTalk supports a wide range of standard notations such as EPC, BPMN and Flowchart. Additionally, the included Communications Structured Analysis (CSA) version provides a freely adaptable library coupled with a rigorous consistency engine that can easily be extended to specifically fit the requirements of other methodologies. This gives customers the freedom to choose the best modeling approach for their specific needs without extensive and costly customization or concerns about the overall consistency of their models.

Efficient Integration

Individual modeling requirements are easily implemented with minimal effort. Turning SharePoint into a process portal and document management system, all existing knowledge is available to integrate into graphically powerful models. Even if your organization is not currently using Microsoft SharePoint, integration with other information systems can also be used as your customized process portal.

Testable Results via Rich and Flexible Reporting

Whether comparing process improvement strategies, optimally configuring workflows or just testing to make sure you have everything correctly modeled, an integrated simulation engine allows users to easily test process performance.