Author: D.Wernicke

Fehlermeldung beim Verbinden von SemTalk mit SharePoint Online

Fehlermeldung: Beschreibung “Die zugrunde liegende Verbindung wurde geschlossen: Unerwarteter Fehler beim Senden..” Zugriff auf SharePoint Online kann nur noch über TLS 1.2 erfolgen.

10.12.2020 – SemTalk User Meeting Teil 2 – Integration in die Microsoft Cloud

Die SemTalk-Plattform in der Microsoft Cloud Microsoft Azure als Basis einer flexiblen Architektur Flexible Portale: SemTalk Services in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint oder außerhalb der Microsoft-Plattform SemTalk online Prozessmanagement in der Microsoft Cloud Prozesskontext via Microsoft Graph Textausleitung aus Prozessmodellen Einsatz von Microsoft Office 365 für die Prozessunterstützung Integration in Microsoft Teams: Modellierungsinitiativen in Microsoft Teams…
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Is SemTalk Open Source?

No. As a tool manufacturer, our income is derived from license sales. We are happy to support partners who want to build solutions based on SemTalk, including integrating source code.

What are SemTalk’s installation requirements?

SemTalk installation requires Microsoft Visio (Version 2010 or higher) and the DotNet Framework 4.5.

Our company has modeling tools. Why should I use SemTalk?

Companies with process modeling ‘standards’ generally use PowerPoint, Visio and Excel to document processes, especially for those processes related to risk, quality assurance and training. Available ‘Professional’ tools are generally limited to a few, highly specialized IT specialists. SemTalk gives the full functionality of process documentation directly to departmental and content experts who are looking…
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What are typical application areas for SemTalk?

SemTalk projects tend to be in the areas of training, risk management, quality control,  specialized consulting support and in creating knowledge portals. Because SemTalk is so deeply integrated with Microsoft, more recent SemTalk projects are taking advantage of the ability of SemTalk to create and manage Microsoft Teams to easily define and assign Roles from…
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How does SemTalk differ from other Visio-based process modeling tools?

Other Visio-based process modeling tools are mostly based on a single, predetermined modeling methods. With SemTalk you have flexibility, since model and modeling methods can easily be expanded using new Visio shapes or newly developed groupings of Visio shapes created to support different methodologies. Consulting companies can easily adapt to customer requirements without having to…
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Which Visio versions are supported?

All Visio versions are supported starting with Visio 2010. (Includes Visio 2013 and Visio 2016)

It is easy to document my processes with Visio. Why should I use SemTalk?

The real costs of modeling processes is not in the tool, but in the creation of the models and in keeping modeled processes current. SemTalk takes advantage of all of the graphic capabilities of Visio and integrates these components within a database. This integration increases the quality of the Visio diagrams because it supports the…
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Our processes are already modeled in Visio / Excel, how can we import this data into SemTalk?

Data can be imported as Lists via Excel. For structured Excel data, you can easily write import filters with VBA. We provide examples and are, of course, happy to help you. We are also able to provide you with a bid if you would like us to import existing data into SemTalk.